Happy Valentines Day everybody, our new year is really moving along. Kathryn’s Cottage is growing every month. Still looking at going into Harris Teeter and possibly Food Lion. We are trying to get our customers easy access to our products this year. This is our goal. We have been surprised at our growth for such a small company. Remember, you can order directly from us on our website or by phone. If you have not tried our ranch dressing or balsamic you must give them a try.

Our bleu cheese is still our #1 seller, however, the ranch and balsamic are really good. The balsamic makes a great marinade for chicken and pork. The ranch is a great veggie dip. I made a recipe last night for dinner using our olive and cream cheese spread as a sauce for little red potatoes. I will add the recipe in the recipe section of our website. They were delicious!

Hurry Limited Time Only!

We have our Kathryn’s Cottage aprons that we are putting on sale February and March. They will be $8 plus shipping. They are black with our pineapple on the front. They make a great gift along with the cookbook.

The 2nd cookbook will be out hopefully late this year. “A Southern Cottage Kitchen” is going to be full of new recipes, no repeats! I have been gathering new recipes for two years now so I hope to get started organizing soon!! Our daughter Ashley is a wonderful cook and caterer. She offers a special service and different kind of catering. She sets the menu, buys the food, prepares it in your home, serves it and cleans your kitchen. We hope to have some of her recipes in our 2nd edition as well. I will keep you posted on this. The response from our first cookbook, “A Southern Lady Cooks” has been overwhelming. My mother would not believe it!!! Just so you know, as it says in the cookbook, we donate part of the proceeds from each book to Homeward Bound, a homeless shelter for children, to get a meal and get help with their homework. It is a wonderful place with dedicated people.

We have been able to give over $3,600 to them from our cookbook sales! Thanks to our customers !!!

Cliff and I both have a strong calling for helping others, those who cannot help themselves, and especially the children!!! Homeward Bound is a very important charity to us and we will continue to support them with the 2nd edition as well.

I want to take a minute and share with you my Valentine ideas for making sure for YOU, it heartlineis the best one ever!!! Such a happy time of year but only lasts a short time, just one day so you have to plan quite awhile ahead. My thoughts on this day are a little different from the average person, however, this can be a very important day for you in 2013. The way to capitalize on this is to set out to receive as many gift cards, checks, gift certificates and gifts as possible. This has to extend outside “the husband”, he is not your only source for this. Now, I am not talking about expensive gifts, just nice “presents” that will give YOU the enjoyment you deserve! This is YOUR day, the only day of the year when you need to make yourself really “THE ONE”.

Start with your really close friends, maybe your best friend. This is a hard one, they are looking for gifts from you as well, but they are not as dedicated as you are in getting what you want. So, did you not just spend the day at the hospital while your dearest friend in the world had a face lift. She looks great, rested, 20 years younger. You look and feel tired and worn out. Your face looks like a road map. Unfortunately, you could not afford the procedure, so you are on your way to the nearest Belk to hit the Este Lauder counter for a $40 jar of anti aging cream to make you look like her!!! Yeah right! A dinner for 2 at Morton’s in Charlotte would be a great gift from this one.

How about your KIDS. I am sure you have kept your grandchildren “OVERNIGHT” and you loved it! You certainly do not expect any reward for this, they are your pride and joy, but, a little momento from your CHILDREN would be great. After all, the precious angels left a wet towel on the bathroom floor after their 20 gallon tub bath. You slipped on it, fell and have been in traction for the last 3 days and will probably need a hip replacement. The sweethearts fed your 18 year old dog too many cookies and he has been throwing up all night on your $2,000, 4×6 foyer rug imported from Pakistan. Come on, just this one time make a big deal out of it!. You may be surprised, your kids may be thrilled not to have to hear about it for the next month!!! Remind them Valentines day is just around the corner.

Last is your immediate family. Did you not just move your mom into your home for her recuperation from back surgery? A long drawn out stay. You and the therapist have had a ball raising your mom’s legs up off the bed 15 times each leg four times a day. You have been to the drugstore everyday for a week trying to find a laxative for your mom that won’t upset her stomach. And your sister, where is she? She and her husband left for the Bahamas the day after surgery!!! There is a hurricane expected to arrive there in about a week so they are “stuck” on an island with nothing but sun, sand and sea!!!! A second honeymoon!!! Boy do you need to call this one in!!

Now as to how to force family, friends and loved ones to come up with these wonderful gifts, I do not know. Guilt is always good! Make them think it is their idea. For your immediate family, the ones you see everyday, apply your makeup so that you have a certain “pallor” in your face, a yellow tint. They will always ask what’s wrong, this is your chance. This always works.They will think you are sick and a gift is easier than spending time with you. Be quick to tell them what you want. Keep the price down but go for it!
Hopefully, all of you will come out HAPPY on February 14th. Just to have family, friends and loved ones with us is a blessing but we have to have a little humor along the way!! All kidding aside, February is LOVE month. Show the ones you love you really care about them, need them and enjoy them.

One last thing,I am sure you remember last month I was telling you about Cliff and his interest in dancing lessons. Thank goodness he is past that! We could not agree on the kind of dancing we wanted to get involved with. I love the shag, and he wanted to do ballroom dancing. Where in the world do you do ballroom dancing in the Lake Norman area? He did finally decide that my suggestion that since he could not move his body and feet at the same time we would have a problem doing any dance!! Looks like this phase has passed. Just an update. Looking forward to March!!!!

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