Cliff and I hope everybody had a great holiday!!! The time off for me from
real estate, for a few days, was really enjoyable. I love to shop so I did quite a bit of that with my “squirrel” money. If there is anyone out there who does not know what “squirrel” money is or how to get it please email me and I will give you step by step directions. This is a must for any married woman!!!!

We are looking forward to the new year with Kathryn’s Cottage, new retail stores, and newharristeeter customers! We are excited about going into Harris Teeter, which should take place in Feb. if all goes well.

Always in January I reflect on the past year and plan what I need to do to make the next year 2013 a better year all the way around. First of all I thank God for 2012, the good times as well as hoping I learned from the not so good times. As my cousin, Susan Nelson, says, Nanny count your blessings, CYB! We had many blessings in 2012.

I do help Cliff from time to time in our business with his deliveries etc. and I have noticed the men we deliver to refer to me as “Miss Nancy”. I hate that! You know I am 65, definitely look my age, but am working hard to fool everybody else. Not happening! When anyone calls me “Miss Nancy” to me they are saying ” you poor thing, I know it was a struggle for you to get out of the car to bring these 4 bottles of dressing inside.” I guess I should be OK with this, they could call me worse. It works the same way when my Grandson, Blaine, calls me Grandma or Granny, not me. I am Gaggy!!! You are only as old as you feel! I love to work, love my job and plan to continue until “whatever”. I laugh and say that I will probably end up dead in a ditch in Mt Ulla after showing property and will be found at the side of the road.

When Jan 1 comes around of any year you automatically reflect on the past. I always do. This year I especially look back on our first 4 years with Kathryn’s Cottage, where we started and where we are now. We are moving on, growing almost daily, thanks to our loyal customers who buy and enjoy our products. Our Cottage Ranch dressing has really taken off. Great as a dressing or veggie dip. Our Olive Spread, I am told by many, is great on a baked potato! We are always glad to hear from any of you about different ways to serve our products. The Balsamic Vinaigrette, our daughter Ashley says, is a great pork or chicken marinade. There you go, try it! One more thing! Cliff has informed me he is interested in taking dancing lessons,JAZZ dancing lessons in the new year. Not sure what this is but…… Since he cannot move his body and feet at the same time we may have a problem. God love him!!! I will keep you posted!!!!!

Next time! Nancy

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