How happy we all are that Spring is almost here!!!! My favorite time of year along with Summer. Cliff and I hope all of our customers are ready to start “grillin and chillin” with our dressings and spreads. Harris Teeter tells us we are in, we are waiting for the final word and to be put on the shelf. This will make us accessible to more customers. Kathryn’s Cottage is doing very well in Lowes Foods and other markets. We are growing here by leaps and bounds.

We welcome any comments or suggestions of locations near you that we may be interested in and who would like our products. A customer told Cliff about a new recipe for the Olive and Cream Cheese spread.

Take the spread out of the container and shape into a ball, freeze for a short time roll in chopped pecans and spread on crackers. It is delicious!!!

We also make a homemade chicken salad, Mother’s recipe from the 1950’s. It is a good sandwich/ cracker spread kind of chicken salad. Very tasty. We sell this at McLaughlin’s Farmhouse and Josh’s Produce in Mooresville and we ship this as well as our other products.

Easter is early this year and brings back a lot of memories. Mother made a ‘big easterdresses-bwholiday” out of Easter. Susan Linker Nelson, my cousin, and I were very close in age, both only children. Her mother, Bonnie, and my mother would always take us shopping together to get our new Easter outfits. Our outfits always included a new dress, a “duster” (light coat), new white patent leather shoes, white socks with lace, white gloves, hat and pocketbook. My hat always had some kind of fruit on it. Never flowers! Always fruit. Mother had a thing for fruit! On Easter Sunday morning my hair was always “kinky curly” because Bonnie had rolled it the night before into tight pin curls and I slept on it. When I woke up the next morning I looked like I had been “electrocuted”. My hair always stuck out from my” fruit” hat. I looked like Larry, one of the Three Stooges. Susan had long wavy hair, a beautiful light brown color and she was tall. I, on the other hand was short, had a ton of freckles, had kinky hair and was fat!!! I always got a brand new Easter basket from mother and daddy. All kinds of candy and surprises from the Easter Bunny. Mother and I dyed the eggs the Saturday night before. I never cared a thing about the Easter Egg Hunt. I never really figured what that was all about! We always had a wonderful lunch on Easter Sunday. Every Sunday really. Mother was a fabulous cook.. Chicken or turkey and Dressing with gravy, Mother’s Sunday Potato Salad, fresh green beans with little red potatoes cooked on top and fresh corn. Mother made either a Cranberry Congealed Salad or a Six Cup Fruit Salad, rolls with butter and sweet iced tea. We always had either a Chocolate Cake or a eggs_mStrawberry Short Cake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream for dessert. A lot of Easter Sundays we invited my Uncle Robert and Uncle Bud , my Aunt Laura, Aunt Laurel and my cousins. They all loved to eat with Mother anytime !!!! My Uncle Robert dyed Easter eggs at Easter until the year he passed away. I can still see the basket of eggs on their breakfast room table. Every color you could name!

Well ladies, I am turning turning 66 this year. This is a hard one for me however the alternative is worse. I start my social security this year and hope I live until July to get my first check. You will not believe that one of the questions on the social security application online was the date of my first husbands’ birthday and his social security number. We did not have a very amicable divorce to begin with. Can you imagine putting in that call?

I will say that I am trying to grow old gracefully but I am having great difficulty. I have noticed that now people I run into who are younger than me don’t call me Nancy anymore it’s “Miss Nancy”. The first image this brings to mind is Miss Daisy being driven around by Hoke in the movie Driving Miss Daisy. She died at the end of the movie by the way! ! Here I have spent half the morning trying to improve my looks for the day and this is what I get, “Miss Nancy”. This is definitely the expression which stands for ” Hag Bag”. They are saying “Hello Miss Nancy” but are thinking “How could you still be out and about!!! “Are you still driving or are you being picked up”.”Is your caregiver still in the store” or do you need a ride?” What do you do? If they don’t acknowledge you at all then you get the feeling they think you are already dead, so I guess I will just live with it, be glad I am still here, can still see them, recognize them and hear what they say. Just a thought!!!!

Easter is a joyous occasion!!! Our Lord has Risen just as He said He would!!! He is not in the tomb, nor will we be because we will be with Him. All because of His grace!!
HE HAS RISEN is his proof to us that if we believe in him, by His grace, we will rise as
He has and live forever in heaven. Absolutely, Easter is the most joyous of occasions!!!! The key is to BELIEVE!!!! Be with your family and loved ones this Easter and go with Jesus!!!!

Until next month!!!! Nancy

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