Christmas is such an exciting time for all of us. Christmas was always a happy time for Mother, Daddy and me when I was growing up. Not so much for Daddy, he hated delivering all the Christmas cards on his mail route, but it was for Mother and me. Mother cooked a lot, made cakes and chocolate fudge, of course I was fat so she watched every morsel that went in my mouth!!! We had prime rib for our Christmas eve dinner and turkey and dressing Christmas day. Little did she know she was making such wonderful memories. When I was really small Daddy had to work Christmas day sorting his mail for the day after Christmas so we had to get up really early to have our Christmas. I have a picture of my first and last ironing board with me ironing my baby doll dresses. It was a “play” ironing board and iron. First and last time I ironed. A “homemaker ” I am not.

Daddy was not a big “gift-giver” so he depended on me to take care of Mother for Christmas. You pick it out, he would say and I will pay for it. I bought her, from Daddy, a jade bracelet, jade and gold. It was gorgeous. I wanted to really surprise her so I wrapped it up in a girdle from her lingerie drawer. I told her that Daddy had bought her a “butt” lifting girdle for Christmas. Since she had no rear end he thought this would be a great gift for her. She was furious but said nothing to him.So imagine her surprise when the bracelet fell out of the girdle on Christmas morning!!! What a laugh we had over this. These are my memories, laughter, fun, some sadness as well, that will come in a later newsletter. Have a great holiday, Remember what it is really about. Pray for those less fortunate, share what you have with those in need!!! Love your family!!!

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