Since 1952 my mom and dad, Claude and Dora Blaine Little have been in the restaurant business.  They started out with a local dime-store lunch counter (Delk’s) in Mooresville, NC. Claude and Dora Blaine Little Sandwiches, salads and plate lunches were on the menu and all homemade.

My mother was a fabulous cook and loved bleu cheese dressing.  She tried it everywhere we went.  We loved eating out at restaurants that served steak and prime rib and mother loved to try the different bleu cheese dressings.

Mother tasted, tested and sampled and worked hard over several years to make a bleu cheese dressing that she thought was the best.  Finally she came up with what is now known as Kathryn’s Cottage Bleu Cheese Dressing.

In 1968 we began serving the dressing in our steakhouse restaurant (The Little Kitchen) in Mooresville, NC. Customers drove from miles around just to eat with us and enjoy our prime rib and mother’s bleu cheese dressing.

My dad believed in serving quality food at a fair price.  This bleu cheese dressing and our prime rib made us famous in our area of North Carolina. Our wine and cheddar spread and thousand island dressing are also original recipes that were served in our restaurants. Our fresh homemade chicken salad is the original recipe that mother served at Delk’s lunch counter. We also have mother’s olive and cream cheese spread that is her recipe from years ago.  The ranch and balsamic vinaigrette dressings are new additions and are equally delicious.

Both mother and daddy are gone now, mother in 1986 and daddy in 2008.  These recipes are dear to my heart.  All are made with the finest ingredients.  These items were served from 1968-1995 in The Little Kitchen in Mooresville, NC and Little’s at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The name Kathryn is a family name from my grandmother, myself and my daughter.  The taste comes totally from my precious mother.

We hope you will enjoy serving our products as much as we enjoy sharing them.

                                                       Nancy Little Hucks

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