I HAVE to share this with you and your family! So, my fiancé and I went into Harris Teeter last week and a half or so and you were giving samples of your dressing with a $1.00 off “coupon” that actually was a $1.00 bill which we thought was AWESOME! (Great Marketing BTW!!!) First we LOVED that a local family owned business is now in Harris Teeter! We ourselves are local business owners and love when a fellow local business owner has been given an opportunity like that. Secondly…we are both FOODIES! To the CORE! My fiancé is a self taught chef, and a GREAT one at that. Having said that, we KNOW our food. When we both tasted your sample, we were in “food awe.” “Kathryn’s Cottage” is, hand’s down, The BEST bleu cheese dressing either one of us have either had, EVER in our entire lives! We love and adore bleu cheese, so we are very particular about it and the taste of your dressing is unsurpassed. (We actually special order Maytag blue cheese at Christmas for everyone in our family because of the taste of their pure bleu cheese) Your dressing has and absolute perfect blend of flavors to the taste buds. As I type, we are preparing a salad for to ACCOMPANY this wonderful dressing tonight (and not the other way around…LOL!) My fiancé and I have both literally eaten it by the tablespoon right out of the jar and are on our second jar since last week. It is delicious on oh so many things! Not just salads… We just wanted to take the time and share this with you to let you know how much we are enjoying it and appreciating your wonderful family recipe in our household. Kathryn’s Cottage….you all are going places! We will see you at the top! Don’t give up! Your dressing is UNBELIEVABLY delicious! =)
Tammy Dill Werner

“We LOVE your Bleu Cheese Dressing so this is very exciting news for us!!”
Janet Bailey, Burlington, NC

“Your ranch dressing changed my life.”
Matt Schafer, facebook post

” The Bleu Cheese and 1000 island are the best I’ve ever had. Love them, I’ll buy nothing else now.”
Libby Barnette Worley, facebook post

“I just discovered your brand today and The Bleu Cheese dressing is wonderful! I’m so glad I found it.”
Angel Harris Tansill, facebook post

“I bought several at Spree to use for my Book Club Supper last week. They were all a hit! Wine and Cheese Spread, Cream Cheese and Olive Spread, Blue Cheese Dressing. So glad you will be available at NoFo!”
Dorothea B, Raleigh, NC

“Your Blue Cheese Dressing is to die for!!  I bought 1 jar at the Southern Christmas show and my 24 year old daughter bought 2 jars.  ALL GONE.  I live in Burlington and my daughter lives in Raleigh.  (She claims she is addicted to it!!!)  When I went to your website, I got so excited when I noted a Greensboro location.  Then when I go to “Locations” — I don’t see Greensboro.  Is there a Greensboro location where we can buy more?”
Janet B. Burlington, NC

“Enjoyed your dressings while in Kiawah at Newton farms.  Back in Greensboro and saw you listed it as a location on your front page.  Where do you have it???? Loved them and craving them…..”
Sarah B. Greensboro, NC

“I know the owners and think the products are great and loved eating at the dimestore, spagetti house, favorite footlong hot dog, and Little Kitchen!!!!!!”
Jane D. G. Mooresville NC

“Best Homemade DressingsI am so in love with the thousand island dressing, I can’t wait to taste the new Cottage Ranch! I hear it’s wonderful!”
Lisa B. Troutman NC

“We absolutely love Kathryn’s Cottage homemade dressings along with their new chicken salad and olive spread. We are also very pleased with their new cookbook “A Southern Lady Cooks” and have found many wonderful new recipes in there. They are so wonderfully priced for such a great tasting array of products. Check out their website at https://www.kathrynscottagekitchen.com
Kevin B. Troutman NC


  1. Julian January 12, 2015 1:21 pm /

    Everyone has an equivalent to good ‘ole Aunt Bessie. You know, that wonderful, grand lady from your childhood whose special dishes and wonderful cooking still haunt your memories today. Oh to be able to once more eat the chicken pastry or apple cobbler that she made “back in the day”. But for me, it was her chicken salad that skyrocketed me into culinary heaven. Its juicy and tender shredded / chopped chicken blended with celery, sweet pickle relish, salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and just the right amount of Duke’s mayo to make the most perfect, awesomely creamy Southern style chicken salad. It gives me Goosebumps.

    Well, dear friends I had one of those Aunt Bessie moments recently when I ate for the first time Kathryn’s Cottage Kitchen chicken salad. It was everything I could have wished for. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR and purchase some today. If you’re lucky enough to have a local grocer that stocks it, fantastic! If not available at your local grocer, contact Kathryn’s online store and order it…incredibly nice people and their shipments are FAST and in icepack insulated coolers. Better order several tubs because one is just not going to be enough once you’ve tasted it. While you’re ordering, might as well include a few jars of their salad dressings…their Blu-Cheese dressing is, as they say, “to die for”.

    Thank you Kathryn’s Cottage Kitchen for taking me back to my childhood Aunt Bessie’s kitchen.

  2. Wendy Carswell June 18, 2017 12:58 am /

    Well, I don’t know how you can call Kathryn’s Cottage Ranch Dressing “ranch dressing,” because it is SO WAY BETTER than any other ranch dressing I’ve ever had! No comparison! Other ranch dressings aren’t even in the same league! I live in Morganton, NC and have searched high and low for your products in nearby stores. One day I even drove all the way to the Harris Teeter in Boone, (an hour’s drive) but they told me they don’t carry any of Kathryn’s products. So sad! So when I have a craving I have to order it from your site. But that’s OK for now. It’s worth a few extra bucks to satisfy my craving. In the mean time, I’ve been begging local retailers to carry it. No luck yet, but hopefully some day! Perhaps you can help me to get your products in a store in or near Morganton? We have a great little natural foods market here called Food Matters. Maybe you could give them a try!

    Thank You!

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